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Company size

2-5 employees






English, Hebrew


ZehPoh is a unique mobile application that enables drivers to easily find and reserve a free on-street parking space, for both regular and autonomous vehicles.

The Vision

For every car to quickly and easily find on-street parking.

The Product

A virtual dispatcher which uses crowd data to locate public on-street parking spaces reserves the spot and directs the user to it with ease.

The method relies on one simple rule: park according to the system

We’ve taken typical instant messaging functionality, and elevated it by pairing it with a patented hyper-intelligent engine that allows handling of on-street parking places.

It operates as follows:

  1. Establish a new parking request
  2. Mark where you’re going and select a maximum distance
  3. ZehPoh’s smart engine will find a free parking space and reserve it just for you

The Team

Avi Solomon

Co-founder & CTO

Agricultural engineer and graduate of the Technion Technological Institute of Israel. Avi has over 30 years of experience in systems analysis and software of big scale projects in various domains throughout a wide range of industrial companies and public organizations.

Natan Barkan

Co-founder & CEO

Aeronautical engineer, Technion graduate with over 25 years of business development experience and managerial success. Proven record as CEO in diverse industries such as beverage and retail. Volunteer work mentoring young entrepreneurs on setting up their startup operation.

The Problem & Solution

There is currently no tech solution to manage parking in busy metropolises. ZehPoh provides smart parking management via a virtual dispatcher that uses vehicles as a sensor, saving time and energy by easily locating parking.

The Market

ZehPoh is the solution every city in the world with a parking shortage needs.

The company will initially target drivers, autonomous car producers, and on-street parking operators. 

Secondary efforts will target local businesses, allowing them to provide a unique offer for their clientele and increase accessibility to their establishment.


There are currently 4 different solution types for on-street parking:

  1. Sensors – most accurate, requires maintenance and infrastructure
  2. Image Processing – gathers data from outdoor cameras, many blindspots
  3. Statistic Models – calculates probability where and when spots are free
  4. Social – least accurate, relies on user credibility and will to share

    ZehPoh presents a new SaaS solution with the fastest and cheapest scalability in comparison.

The Opportunity

  • Can generate income from launch
  • Potential for large user database in short time
  • Simple and cheap infrastructure
  • Rapid deployment
  • Wide-scale information retrieval
  • No maintenance
  • Low investment

For users:

  • Easy to use
  • Guaranteed parking
  • Time-saving

Purpose of Equity

$1,550,000 which will go towards development, QA, penetration tests, and marketing, in exchange for 30% of the company.

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