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WeBus provides everybody the best ride: fast, convenient, and most importantly affordable.

The first rideshare app in the world that addresses passengers who can’t afford taxis and makes it accessible for them.

WeBus connects passengers with similar routes and splits the fee to provide a fast ride at the low cost of a bus ticket.

The Vision

To be the world’s leading rideshare service, operating in over 100 cities 5 years from now.

The Product

WeBus is a transportation service app that connects passengers into shared rides, providing the best combination of speed and price.

The Team

Gilad Israeli

CEO & Founder

LL.B. at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and MBA at Bar-Ilan University. Student magazine publisher handling all operational aspects: managing editors, reporters, and vendors, marketing, increasing ad revenue. Served as Consultant to the Mayor of Jerusalem on Arab and East Jerusalem affairs.

Tzafrir Ariel

Market Research & Analysis

Analyzes potential for market expansion, from specific routes to entire cities and countries. Also in charge of understanding consumer behavior, identifying target audiences and factors that drive app usage. Regional associate for the Department of Strategy and Policy at the Ministry of Construction and Housing.

Dor Alon


Owner of Alon Transportation. B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management. Held various roles at market leading transportation companies. Dor runs driver and ride operations - interviews, authorizations, managing drivers, driver relations & finances, as well as strategic planning.

Morad Halase


Experienced at helping entrepreneurs create and strengthen businesses and marketing efforts. Business Administration specializing in marketing and MBA graduate. A well known marketing figure in East Jerusalem, Morad leads WeBus marketing efforts.

Shai Lev


Founder and owner of Mastermind Computer Genius, Shai leads technological development at WeBus. Holds a degree in Computer Science and Information Systems Management from McGill University in Canada. Vast experience as a developer and managing developers locally and overseas.

The Problem & Solution

Until now, getting around the city was either with a bus, slow and uncomfortable, or a pricey taxi/private car. There isn’t a good alternative in between.

Taxi and private driver apps with share options for several passengers are rare internationally.

Similar existing apps are intended for richer demographics, not the general public. Their algorithms emphasize speed and comfort over finding co-shares and cutting cost.

The Market

Over 90% of cities worldwide have just two road transportation options: private drivers or buses.

Primary audience: bus passengers – 35% around the world.

More than 25% of this audience strongly needs WeBus according to surveys.

Secondary audience: taxi passengers.

On a global level, we will target cities with high usage and low quality of public transport, common in developing countries.


Buses – WeBus is much faster in many areas and routes, yet still affordable.

Local taxi services – WeBus is much cheaper, yet still fast.

Private drivers (UberPool) – small international presence

Flexible Public Transport (i.e. Via) – non-existent in most cities. Dependent on government subsidizing.

The Opportunity

No subsidies required, no dependency on government, no high costs for expansion. 

Fast expansion as a marketplace built on existing taxis.

Purpose of Equity

$1,000,000 intended mainly for marketing, allocating a small sum towards research and development.

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