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Recent progress and awareness towards sustainability and resource consumption are minimizing the usage of polluting energy resources.

Urban environments are the most significant energy consumers, constituting roughly 80% of total energy consumption.

Wind energy is a clean and widely available energy resource inside the cityscape, yet no effort to utilize it has been successful.

Current turbines are ineffective and fail to exploit the true potential of wind energy in inhabited areas.

We rethought and redesigned the wind turbine to provide the right technical solution for efficiently operating in the built environment.
Our “Urban Wind Turbines” work in harmony with the architecture, have been thoroughly tested by engineers and experts in the field. 

The invention is patentable.

The Vision

Power entire cities with local wind energy.

The Product

Unique wind turbines, assembled on rooftops and other windy urban areas, silently producing and supplying electricity from the wind.

The Team

Danny Raz

Co-founder & CEO

Graduated from the Israel Institute of Technology in Architecture and Town Planning. A registered architect with the Israeli Architects Association. Founder and co-owner of Raz Architects office. Served as an associate lecturer for the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning in the Technion of Haifa.

Roee Raz

Co-founder & Advisor

Founder & CEO at OVIVO Games. A veteran within the ad-tech and gaming industry, experienced in user acquisition, ads monetization, and BI. Holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering. Won first prize with Urban Wind Turbines in ‘Cleantech’ and ‘Follow-me’ entrepreneurship competitions.

The Problem & Solution

Horizontal Axe Wind Turbines (HAWT) are not designed to operate in the cityscape and fail to exploit the true potential of wind energy in this environment.

Our efficient Urban Wind Turbine (UWT) operates in harmony with the architecture and its inhabitants. A new component within the multiple energy source constellation for clean cities.

The Market

In terms of the consumer market, we can compare Urban Wind Turbines directly to rooftop PV solar energy cells.

The global solar PV panels market size was estimated at 115.24 billion USD in 2019 and is expected to reach 131.04 billion USD in 2020.

The global wind turbine segment was valued at over 50 billion USD in 2015.

We will target homeowners around the globe.


There currently is no direct competition.

Various residential and commercial solar panel providers are indirect competitors belonging to the renewable energy market.

The Opportunity

We invented the right technical solution for a new and original wind turbine that operates safely & efficiently in the built environment.

Purpose of Equity

At the current stage, we require $200,000 mainly for the production of POC design, tests, and engineering of the dynamo and other peripheral components.

The sum will be in exchange for 25% equity of the company.

We estimate 10-12 months to be prepared for the strategic partner phase.

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