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Company size

2-5 employees



A robotic agriculture system for date cultivation.

The unique system is connected to and towed by a tractor. The system operator directs the device to the tree trunk. The device sets and levels itself accordingly at each tree once activated by the operator. A device located at the end of the robotic arm is directed by 3D cameras and sensors to navigate to its destination at the treetop. The device performs its designated task, and upon completion of the activity, the operator disconnects it from the tree trunk, lowers the device, and proceeds to the next tree.

Value for farmers:

  • 84% savings on labor costs
  • Maximize employee safety
  • Significantly reduce insurance cost
  • Accurate work quality
  • ROI for the farmer – 2 years

The Vision

To become the global leader for robotic cultivation.

The Product

RoboDate is an AI robotic system aided by sensor guides and computer vision for the autonomous execution of all 5 palm date cultivation operations: thinning out, tying, bagging, harvesting, and pruning.

Through our business model, we will sell the system and provide maintenance and service via contracts. Responsible for software updates, build unique SAAS model applications, train customer employees, and share agricultural data with farmers based on field data collection.

The Team

Eli Peretz

Founder & CEO

B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering with a master’s degree in business administration. Vast experience with robotics and AI projects, serving as CTO and engineering manager in the high-tech industry.

Doron Balaish

Founder & COO

Entrepreneur and machinery expert. Built and managed a fully mechanized factory with 170 employees. In 1987 invented a sewing machine that automatically sews the finger seam in socks.

Sean Movsowitz

Partner & BD

B.Sc. in Economics and Management. Highly experienced business development, marketing & sales manager, and economist. Over 20 years experience in multiple global markets including agriculture, consumer goods, and industrial sectors.

Kibbutz Samar and Crystal Vision

AI Computer Vision Team

An innovative company specializing in control systems and automation solutions for agricultural and industrial needs. Their abilities include image processing, system monitoring, data logging, advanced HMI, and AI.

The Problem & Solution

Manpower cost and availability are the biggest competitive constraints in date palm agriculture, with labor cost constituting about 50% of the total cost of cultivation and overall care for palm groves. 

Worker safety during the various activities is also an issue. There are many work-related injuries caused by the thorns, secateurs, and branches, in addition to the risk of working at heights. This leads to high insurance costs and compromises work quality.

RoboDate autonomously performs all the required actions and activities required for palm grove cultivation, without any human contact.

The Market

There are 4 main potential markets according to geographical regions:

Israel: 7000 hectares generating potential sales of 350 robot units

US: ~7000 hectares in California and Arizona, potential sales of 350 robot units

Middle East & North Africa: 288,000 hectares with potential sales of 14,000 robot units

East Asia: areas of 157,000 hectares and sales of 7850 potential robot units

Our target audience is relevant farm/plantation owners, agriculture machinery operators/sub-contractors, agriculture machinery and equipment distributors, and individuals, businesses or agricultural organizations, and dates marketing companies.


The current solutions are instruments that don’t reduce manual labor but rather only assist it with different motorized tools and lifting machines. 

The work rate is highly affected by physical conditions. Much depends on the reliability and training of the workers, and the work quality level is inconsistent.

Equipment, machinery, and tools available today are:

  1. Manual shearing tools
  2. Electrical shearing tools
  3. Pneumatic shears
  4. Specialized knives for cutting thorns and other activities
  5. Lifting equipment for raising workers to the required heights
  6. Machines and devices for shaking the trees

The Opportunity

We are pioneers as there are no autonomous machines available in this field today.

Our solution dramatically reduces intense labor by 84% as it aims to perform all 5 activities automatically, requiring a single operator per every 20 hectares, compared to an average of 10 workers required for manual work of the same area. 

Following an examination and patent search by Newton Business Intelligence, we received information that there is no device and/or system that compares to our idea and we can file to register a patent.

We wrote a provisional in 2020. Once we have the financial resources, we will submit 5 patents on the method and techniques including a special design for the end piece robot grippers.

Purpose of Equity

We are raising $3,000,000 which will be dedicated to R&D for prototype and product development, in exchange for 30%.

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