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A discreet monitoring device fixed on any eyeglasses frame that collects vital information, processes it via deep learning algorithms, and makes it available for doctors before CVD events can occur.

  • All day
  • Real-time
  • Long term
  • AI supported
  • Pre/Post event

Either slide & clip on, or have an Optician replace the temple ends with TempleGuard.

The Vision

Make vital information available to doctors before CVD events occur.

The Product

“TempleGuard” is a wearable device that attaches to eyeglasses and measures vital signs from behind the ear. The device combines real-time patient monitoring with AI algorithms in order to predict the development of CVD (Cardio-Vascular Disease).

Two extensive rounds of IP research with the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property showed no existing relative patents.


We filed a full US Patent Application (No. 17/109,934) on Dec. 2nd, 2020.

The Team

Peter Weisz

CEO & Co-Founder

MBA from LMU, Munich. Founder of Fitinstructor. Founder of WM Fahne 2006. Former CEO of Swiss Nahrin AG from 2009 - 2013. Invented and developed the Findy Eyeglasses tracker. 2006 Entrepreneur of the Year 3rd Runner up, EY Switzerland.

Assaf Grundman

CTO & Co-Founder

B.A. in Electrical Engineering. Specialization in Nano Technology and Bio-Engineering. Expert in deep learning and reinforcement learning. CSO of ICZ, Zurich, Switzerland, 2010 - 2015. Head of Signal processing at Integrity Diagnostics, 2016 - 2018. Lead developer for Findy Eyeglasses tracker.

The Problem & Solution

17.9 million people died from CVD in 2018, representing 31% of all global deaths. 

30% of CVD monitoring devices are abandoned within 6–12 months, mainly due to inconvenience.

Our product ‘TempleGuard’ will solve the problem of a convenient & discreet vital sign monitor, which is small and capable enough to collect cardiac indicators that are associated with blood pressure and arterial stiffness in real-time, throughout the day and over the course of years.

The Market

The health monitoring wearables market is predicted to grow with a CAGR of 27.9% over the next 6 years. We intend to market our devices & services in all OECD countries within this time.

The total population of the OECD countries in 2019 was 1.3 billion inhabitants. A minimum of 8.6% of the general population belongs to the risk group.
This makes our Total Addressable Market size 112 million. 

We calculate a 0.4% market penetration within the general population and 4.6% of the serviceable population in all our markets within 6 years.


Preventice Solutions – BodyGuardian – adhesive chest patch with an integrated sensor module.

VitalPatch Biosensor – adhesive chest patch with an integrated sensor module.

Biofourmis – Biovital Everion upper arm cuff

Zoll Medical µCor™ – sticks under the armpit via an adhesive patch with an integrated sensor

Withings Move ECG – elegant wrist watch tracker

IRythm ZIO – mid-size chest strap prescribed for 14 days

The Opportunity

Applies hereditary details, physical condition, blood flow patterns, daily activity routine, etc. into AI algorithms that can detect cardiac disorders before they occur.

Measures Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV), an indicator of target organ damage and hypertension, as well as Pulse Transit Time (PTT), a noninvasive detection of blood pressure changes.

FitBit was acquired by Google for $2 billion in 2021.

Purpose of Equity

1.5 million for 15% 

Funds will be allocated towards product development, clinical studies, hiring a core team, spreading awareness amongst KOLs in relevant industries, and commencement of a reimbursement deal.

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