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A unique breakthrough technology that simultaneously generates electricity and heats water from both sides of the double-sided PV panel.

A solution several generations beyond existing technologies. Integrated with a closed-loop water flushing system for dust cleaning of the PV panel’s surfaces.

Unique water vacuum system increases the overall efficiency of the photovoltaic panels by 15-20%.

The Vision

Roofs in urban areas covered with ultra-hybrid panels, generating both electricity and hot water.

The Product

An Ultra-Hybrid Bifacial PV Thermal Panel

We have developed and built a new and revolutionary product to simultaneously generate both electricity and hot water. 

It can replace standard solar collectors for hot water heaters with our ultra-hybrid PV panel that can generate electricity and hot water in the same area and at the same price.

The product is funded and accompanied by the Innovation Authority in Israel.

The technology has a protected patent No. 255843

The Team

Peter Graner

Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur with decades of experience. Worked in the field of automation as a mechanical engineer, involved in various projects in Israel, China, the United States, and Europe.

Dr. Shlomo Vald

BOD Advisor

Former chief scientist for the Department of Energy in Israel - Advises the company regarding the development and advancement of the technology as well as everything related to its implementation in selected projects.

Dr. Joy Dimerman


North, Central, and South America - operating strategy executive consultant in the field, combining ultra-hybrid systems in cannabis greenhouses and building green cities.

Ron Golan


Israel - director of business development, marketing, and sales in Israel, as well as support for international engagements.

Dr. Avigdor Kanner

Expert Consultant

Combining ultra-hybrid systems to produce and heat solar water with gas energy.

The Problem & Solution

Using different solar collectors to generate hot water and electricity. 

We are creating a new pattern in roofs, using our dual energy generating systems. 

Integrated Triple Hybrid air conditioners work with the power supply from the grid and directly to the hybrid panel that provides electricity and hot water.

The Market

The estimated value of the global solar market for 2026 is $223 billion.

Our B2C efforts will focus on the urban market for replacing solar hot water collectors with our ultra-hybrid systems. The solution can additionally replace shingles on any roof.

Simultaneously, we will market B2B to hotels, nursing homes, industries and factories, office buildings, and agriculture: dairy farms, greenhouses, agrivoltaic systems, fish farms, seawater desalination, wastewater treatment plants, and any other business that regularly consumes large amounts of hot water and has substantial area exposed to direct sunlight.

Limitless market potential.


Today there are collectors with metal pipes to create hot water on which a single-sided solar PV panel is placed, producing about 50% less electricity and less hot water. This is not suitable for urban uses.


DualSun –

Abora –

The Opportunity

The potential is limitless. Every place in the world that uses electricity, hot water, drinking water, and has a roof, is of interest.

  1. The ultra-hybrid PV panel produces 50% more electricity
  2. Produces 50% more hot water
  3. The only one in the world that generates electricity on both sides of the panel (a reflection from the return of the sun’s rays to the back of the panel) and also hot water
  4. Cools the PV solar panel and increases the power generation output by about 15%, prolonging service life
  5. Prevents wear and aging

Offers 40% faster ROI compared with other renewable energy systems.

Purpose of Equity

The money will be used to establish a plant for the production and assembly of ultra-hybrid systems in Israel, for orders we received in Israel, and pilots around the world.

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