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Company size

2-5 employees






English, Hebrew


Our platform accurately simulates different looks and styles, before ever sitting in the barber chair. Additionally, it will help in finding hairstylists and hair products.

For hairstylists, we supply a place to market themselves, a friendly business management system, and technological tools to better perform their work.

For hair product companies, we provide a complete platform with a user base that is interested in their products, along with a place to sell. Our technology can give users a better understanding of their product’s capabilities.

The Vision

To change the world of hairstyling, and play a key role in every part of it, from clientele and stylists through all types of hair products.

The Product

The platform the world of hair styling needs. A place to find your hairstylist, your hair products, and your ultimate look.

The Team

Yovel Amar

Founder & CEO

A software tester with a strong sales-oriented background, and a former Israel Border Police fighter in positions requiring mental strength and leadership. An entrepreneur at heart with a strong desire to build a successful empire in the untapped hairstyling market.

Gamliel Edry


An experienced hairdresser and owner of the Lolberi Academy which has certified hundreds of hairdressers in Israel. Gamliel constantly strives to level up the hairstyling industry, introducing innovations that will set a new standard to the level of customer satisfaction.

Sahar Hamami

Founder & VP

Software tester and entrepreneur willing to work hard for his goals. A former Border Police commander who held positions requiring great responsibility. Wants to revolutionize the world of hairstyling and streamline the haircut process. Ready to lead the venture to success.

The Problem & Solution

Many customers leave their barbershop dissatisfied for the following reasons:

  • Communication – the hairstylist does not fully understand what the client wants
  • Expectation – sometimes the result does not look exactly as anticipated
  • Memory – hairstylist may not remember your last style


Our solution is a platform where the customer can design their look using AR technology, connect with a hairstylist, and book an appointment to physically create the end result.

The Market

LikeThis is aimed towards the global haircare market and hairdressers.

Our service targets women and men of all ages who care about their appearance.


FaceApp and other applications for viewing hairstyle options. They are not developed for hairstylists.

PRIV – application for scheduling appointments with beauty industry professionals.

None of our competitors provide a platform the world of hairstyling can call home. One place to find your hairstylist, hair products, and simulate your desired appearance.

The Opportunity

The global haircare market generates annual revenue of over $100 billion US.

By situating ourselves as key players making connections, even 1% of this industry is sufficient.

Purpose of Equity

We have already raised 30% of the necessary capital and require an additional investment which will go towards product development, marketing, sales, and general management.

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