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Company size

2-5 employees






English, Hebrew


The key aspect of a hotel’s success lies in customer satisfaction, driven by service quality and guest experience.

All over the world, hotels are challenged with managing a diverse workforce and providing excellent customer service.

ContelApp focuses on streamlining hotel operating processes in order to reduce expenses, increase guest satisfaction, boost revenue, and create an engaging digital hospitality experience for both hotel guests and staff.

The ContelApp system was established out of personal need by the founding staff during their time working in hotels.

The system independently and automatically manages all service requests and operational processes with the hotel staff, providing the most comprehensive and accurate response to the needs of hotels and guests.

The Vision

To be the leading hotel technology solution and the world’s top app for leisure travelers.

The Product

A fully automated hotel operation management system.

ContelApp is a multi-interface technological system, providing an ideal operation management tool for hotels. The system utilizes a guest interface, an employee Interface, and a control dashboard for managers to offer a comprehensive solution for guest service and operation management.

The Team

Bar Haliva

CEO & Product Manager

Manages the F&B division at Fattal Hotels, in addition to implementing company vision & culture, and service quality guide for new employees. Initiated a major project in Fattal Eilat that significantly reduces manpower shortages, and works to this day. Product Manager diploma from the Technion.

Eli Haliva

Founder & COO

In his last position, Eli managed the security departments of several hotels belonging to the Isrotel hotel chain in Eilat. Proficient in staff management, he has mentored several hotel employees and managers. Holds a degree in Economics, Business Administration, and Human Resource Management.

The Problem & Solution

Multiple hotel operations must be executed simultaneously.

Hotel receptionists become a significant bottleneck during peak hours.

ContelApp improves the method of communication in hotels between guests, staff, and managers.

We create a controlled and smart digital connection between all the factors related to hospitality and operations while implementing automated backup processes to ensure ongoing success.

The Market

Our target market is medium to large leisure and business hotels, as well as leisure travelers around the world.

ContelApp is a dynamic product that can easily make adjustments to any market that deals with customer service and employee operations.


Products that exist in the market today focus on only one technological solution, without synchronizing the entire hotel and all its operations with the guests. 

Guest applications – provide a digital and convenient hosting experience, exposing guests to hotel marketing content, automating check-in & check-out processes, and more.

Operational management system – streamlining and controlling work processes in the hotel, monitoring staff performance, reducing operating costs, and more.

The Opportunity

About 17.5 million potential hotel rooms and 1.5 billion travelers worldwide (as of 2019)

In the same year, 2.29 billion hosting services were purchased in the U.S.

The average expense per traveler in America is $4,200

Purpose of Equity

$2,000,000 required for MVP improvement, further developing BI + SAAS capabilities, and product launch.

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